The Day The Earth Stood Still

10 Years ago the world changed.

From one day to the next our world became a darker place. Without warning a little bit of innocence was taken from each of us and nothing would ever be the same. Whenever I think about that day I am saddened that we as a species can deliver such suffering upon one another and I marvel at the society that we have created that could make such a thing possible.

I am reminded of the words of Carl Sagan who so eloquently put the human condition into perspective in his musings over a picture of the Earth taken by the Voyager 1 space-craft as it left our solar system back in 1990.

The picture, entitled “The Pale Blue Dot”, is on wikipedia as is an excerpt of Carl Sagan’s thoughtful words. And for those who prefer to listen, I have embedded one of the numerous YouTube videos here so you can hear the words as Carl Sagan spoke them:

Let’s not waste the gift of life with terror and hate.


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