Don’t Call Me Stupid

Over the past few weeks I have read a LOT of blogs and let me say that many of them are very good, some are just amazing and still others are unbelievably fantastic.

What then do I have to contribute that isn’t already being said by countless thousands of others in ways far more eloquent, insightful or humorous than I possibly could. Thus faced with the threat of a blank page I retreated back into my corner and remained shrouded in obscurity – because I was just too scared to say something and look like a complete idiot. Actually that’s not quite right. Looking like an idiot I can handle because I could always claim I was going for that. But coming across as an ignorant moron simply won’t do. I must confess that I am something of an intellectual snob – in many ways it’s my achilles heel.

So I decided to just dive in and throw caution to the wind. Start typing and see what comes out and don’t worry about what other people think. If they love it good, if they hate it that’s also good, but I implore you to refrain from just this one tiny thing… Don’t call me stupid. 🙂


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