Hello World

It seems weird to be saying “Hello World” after being online almost continuously since 1994 – yes I am that old.

But despite having some form of online persona for well over 15 years this is my first stab at a blog where I have no specific topic in mind nor even a clear idea of potential subject matter. So in the spirit of new beginnings I wish to say “Hello World… here I am”.

For those of you who have read the About Me page you will have seen that I am in the process of writing a novel. When I first started getting serious about this I was sure that I was doing something unique but I have very quickly learned that there are many hundreds of thousands of inspirational and creative people out there doing the same thing.

So why add my voice to the countless thousands of other voices? Well to answer that please allow me to paraphrase Homer Simpson. I am a person who saw an overcrowded marketplace and said, “Me too!”

Do I aim to be educational? Humorous? Controversial? Or just plain boring?

The truth is I don’t know yet but hopefully I will have some fun finding out. For anyone who knows me in real life I am sure that they can attest that all of the above is well within my capability… so thank you for finding my quiet little corner of the blogoshpere and I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you.

So until the next one of these posts… “Hello World.”

PS: The posts you see prior to this have been migrated from another site. They technically predate this post but I have decided that they don’t actually constitute a blog. I hope that’s ok… 🙂


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